5+ years — Ithaca Pool

5+ years

School Age

Ability Based

Little Fish

Introduction of breathing to the side in freestyle and continuing work on backstroke


Strengthening freestyle and backstroke skills and introduction to breaststroke kick

Little Dolphins

Introduction of high elbows into the freestyle stroke and combining breaststroke kick with breaststroke arms


Strengthening freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke skills and introduction to butterfly.


Stroke correction for all four strokes, working on technique combined with distance in preparation for mini squad

Mini Squad

Continuing stroke correction over a longer distance to build strength and endurance in preparation for junior squad. *45mins*

Should your child wish to take on swimming more competitively or wish to continue their development from the learn to swim program, the child will then be required to move from Mini Squad into our Squad Training programs.


All visitors (12+) will need a mask - required for indoor spaces including toilets and change areas, and where social distancing cannot be maintained. Thank you!